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63rd Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Cawaja Propertyowners Association (CPOA) will be held at:


The Place,

300 Balm Beach Road W.

Tiny, Township L0L 2J0

Saturday, July 29, 2017




  1. 9:30 a.m.-Registration of voting members
  2. 10:00 a.m.- Call to Order
  3. Confirmation of quorum
  4. Declarations of conflict of interest
  5. Approval of 2016 CPOA AGM Minutes
  6. Discussion arising from the Minutes
  7. President’s Report
  8. Secretary’s Report
  9. Treasurer’s Report
  10. New Business
  11. Ratification of All Legal Acts of Directors of the Directors for the year ending December 31, 2016 (Motion – That all legal deeds and acts of the Board of Directors for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2016 be ratified and approved and that all members of the Board be indemnified against any acts legally done.)
  12. Election of 2017/18 CPOA Board of Directors
  13. Adjournment


AGM 2017 Notice Agenda


2017 Newsletter


2017 CPOA Summer Newsletter


Co-Ownership Agreement


The agreement between the CPOA and the Township is currently working well. Both parties are working together in order to build a strong and beneficial relationship. During 2015 and 2016, the municipal by-law officers were active on the property working to enforce the rules outlined in the agreement. We recognize that there are ongoing challenges which we will be working with the Township in order to maintain the community standards we have come to expect. We will be improving the signage on the rights of way leading to the beach in order to remind residents and visitors of the by-laws on record.


We remind all owners to read the rules and regulations on record to avoid any infractions. Please click on the following link Co-ownership Agreement (pages 9 & 10) to see the rules and regulations governing the beach.


Beach Maintenance


For the upcoming year we will be holding our annual clean up in the spring as well as retaining the services of a third party contractor to pick up refuse at the end of the summer weekends. Last year we removed two dump truck loads of material during the spring cleanup. We will post the date of the spring cleanup once it has been firmed up.


Residents and visitors are reminded that if they own a dog they must clean up after their pet. This action will maintain the health environment we have come to expect on our beach. As a reminder under the by-laws, animals are prohibited on the beach between the hours of 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM June – September.




All eligible residents will be receiving renewal notifications by either e-mail or postal mail during March to renew their membership with the CPOA. We encourage all residents of Cawaja properties to pay the modest $100.00 fee to retain their membership with the organization. As an active member you can participate at the AGM as well as assist in the decision making in the governance of the co-owned beach, roads and paths.


The annual dues cover off the expenses for insurance, beach clean-up, newsletters and mailings, security, FoTTSA dues and property maintenance. We encourage all residents at CAWAJA to pay the annual dues for it benefits everyone that uses the property. The budget is very limited and has marginal room to cover off any shortage of membership payments. Please forward your renewal payment early in the year in order to allow for all of the services to be maintained.


As an additional benefit, members receive a valuable discount card for local retailers and service providers. The savings can easily offset the cost of the CPOA membership dues.


CPOA Membership Form


FoTTSA Discount Program



CPOA members will receive special discounts at local retailers when you show the card. You can easily recoup your membership fee and MORE when you shop at the retailers that you normally frequent like, Rona and H.S. St. Amant & Sons, Central Marine and Marcelville. A complete list of participating retailers is available at:


FoTTSA Discount Program


Phragmites (European Reed)


During the past year the Board hired a contractor to cut the reeds twice during the summer. In addition one member cut the reeds that have now established themselves in the pond north of the point and the pond between the 11th and 12th concession. All residents are asked to assist in cutting these invasive species as much as possible. This is an ongoing battle given the resilience of these plants. Discussions have been opened with the MNRF regarding treatments beyond cutting. Dealing with these plants is exclusively a CPOA cost, under the terms of our co-ownership agreement. We are investigating a number of other avenues as it relates to the treatment of this issue. Given the spread of this plant around the province both the municipal and provincial governments are looking at programs to control its spread. For further information on this subject you can go to the following web sites:


Beach Access


Members who wish to hold an event on the beach as well as access the beach using machinery for maintenance purposes must obtain the permission of the Association. In some cases the permission of the Township may also be required.


CPOA Beach Access form


Fire Safety


We remind all residents that starting in 2016 the burning of leaves and garden refuse is now prohibited. Both the By-law department and the Fire Department will be enforcing this regulation. Residents caught burning will be charged and fined. This control will provide greater protection to the community. Residents wanting to remove garden refuse from their property can either bag it and deliver it to the dump for composting or wait for designated road side pick-up days provided by the Township during the spring and fall. The collection dates are noted on the Township's web site, under waste management. Residents are also reminded that they should be replacing the batteries in their smoke detectors twice a year. Given the distance to the local fire station we need to take every precaution in order to prevent fires from happening.


Septic Tank Re-inspection and Servicing


With all of our properties serviced by septic tanks it is recommended that they be pumped out and inspected. After a busy summer this is something that property owners should investigate. The Township has implemented a very proactive program regarding septic systems. They are now requesting certificates of inspection every few years in order to maintain water quality for all owners. If you have not pumped out your tank over the past year you should contact the Township office to see if your property is required to present clearance certificates. Any inquiries should be directed to the Township number listed below.


Tiny Website


We encourage all Cawaja residents to visit the Tiny Township web site.


A broad range of subjects and issues are detailed at length. It is an excellent resource for answering questions about by-laws, Septic tank management and inspections, environmental issues, building and planning, taxes and other issues.


Important Contacts for Tiny Township and Simcoe County


Township Offices: 705-526-4204


County of Simcoe Customer service: 1-800-263-3199


Recycling and Garbage Collection: 705-735-6901


By-Law Officer (24 hours) 705-526-4136

For complaints regarding: outdoor fires during a fire ban, excessive noise, dog barking, improper garbage disposal, parking violations.



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Cawaja Propertyowners Association

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Board of Directors

Adam Parsons, President
Tom Czudec, Treasurer
Janet Surgeoner Marks, Vice President
Andrew Chomentowski, Secretary
Richard Hinton, Director
Andrew Poprawa, Director
Greg Zakrzewski, Director